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One of the best scenes of Malcolm in the Middle ever.

that fucking kid took one for the team


I normally don’t do serious giveaways, but I’m going to do this just one time because:

1) It’s Ringo Starr’s Birthday

2) I seriously need to get rid of these

3) There could be people who would really enjoy owning one of these bad boys

So I’m giving away these three wristbands that my mom caught when we went to the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles to celebrate Ringo Starr’s 74th birthday.  On one side, it’s got three stars in it (R***), and on the other it says “Peace and Love”.  It’s very Ringoesque as you can tell.  Ringo threw these white wristbands that my mom caught, as you can see pictured above.  Well, my mom got three extra and we don’t know what to do with it so I told her that I’m going to give it away to people on the internet so yeah.  Anyway requirements:

  • You don’t have to follow me, but it’d be nice if you did
  • Only reblogs will be considered
  • I don’t care how many times you reblog tbh so reblog away
  • You gotta have your askbox open
  • And yeah you gotta be okay with giving your address to me because how the hell will you get this?
  • I’ll try my best to ship anywhere, so anyone around the world can participate
  • I’m gonna film myself randomly selecting winners using my ti-84 and fancy random number picking shit I learned from stats so you won’t say that I’m being biased

The giveaway ends next week on July 14, 2014 at 9pm PST 

Good luck and please reblog, I’m desperate to get rid of these lmao

many will enter 3 will win